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2014 New things discovered

There are so many things happening every day but we tend to forget after a while. I thought recording cool things discovered will be a very neat ideas.

  • blogging: I love I have an audience who shares similar interest. Way better than facebook. : )
  • hardware jewelry: jewelry made with washers, nuts, etc. A trip to hardware store can triggers lots of ideas.
  • Onenote: way to keep ideas and notes that’s accessible everywhere from computer to phone.
  • fitnesspal: app that made it possible to lose some unwanted pounds by counting calories.
  • Upcyling: what a great word! Using items otherwise would go into the bin and revert them into something else that is useful.
  • Amigurumi: Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals.
  • Furoshiki: Japanese eco friendly wrapping with a cloth.
  • Laughing cow & rice cracker: low calories snack
  • CC cream: Color correcting tinted moisturizer. Bought one to try and fell in love with it.

to be continue…


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