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What is the perfect meal size: why we over eat?

on September 25, 2014


I came across a saying that “if you are hungry 3 or 4 hours after your meal, then your meal was the perfect size”.

The idea of eating 5-6 meals a day can be brutally taken out of context way too often. What a lot of people don’t take into consideration is the size of these meals. They are not your ordinarily restuarant meal. Instead, they look like mini meal, like what a kid would eat. (Really?!)

You must think this is not doable.  Who wants to be hungry all day long?

Let’s change the way our society taught us about eating all these years. Let’s not eat a big breakfast because you are afraid lunch will be hours away. Let’s not eat lunch like we would eat at dinner time because we are being served at restaurant with that size. Let’s not eat dinner having in mind there will be lots of hours until the next meal. Our life all of a sudden focus solely on eating food. Why are we worry about being hungry so much? It’s because we are not eating when our body tells us to. If you are able to do this, guarantee you will be happier and healthier without too much effort or restriction. The way of eating should be more like watering house plant. When the soil is dry, we should water well but not over water. When it is dry again, it means it is time to water again.

Going back to my inital phrase, “if you are hungry 3 or 4 hours after your meal, then your meal was the perfect size”, what are some of the things you have to keep in mind? #1, what you decide to eat to last longer, #2, prep food the day of or the night before, #3, always have food on hand, #4, get small containers, #5, calculate how much calories consumed each day. I will discuss more in upcoming posts.

What if you are hungry before the 3-4 hours mark? Then you are either not eating enough or not eating the right thing. For example, protein from lean meat will last longer than a bag of chips.
What if you are not hungry after 3-4 hours? Then know next time to decrease the amount of food you eat. One good idea is cut your typical lunch you would eat from a restuarant in half. Save it for your next meal or share with a friend.

Isn’t this much better than restricting what you can eat and what you cannot eat?


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