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Understanding about “diet” in order to stay slim and fit for life

on September 27, 2014


When we hear the word “diet”, we think about fad diet that promise to shred pounds in a short period of time: cabbage soup diet, baby food diet, 21 days cleanse program, lemonade diet, hollywood diet. Sure enough if you follow their way of eating, it is very possible you will lose some weight. But can you keep on doing this for the rest of your life?

Diet is the way we consume food and drinks on a regular basis. Weight control is the combination of diet and exercise. Calories are energy a person need to regulate bodily function. When we take in more calories than our body can burn, we gain weight. When we take in less calories, we lose weight. Almost everyone understands this theory but do not wish to face the reality because a tasty donut and a medium hot chocolate is ~550 calories which is equivalent to a fair size dinner. The theory of calories is a scientific explanation that we should all acknowledge.

My experience with different diets taught me the way of eating that works for me. I believe everyone needs to find their own sustainable diet. If southbeach diet works for you with visble result, then you’ve found it. I do see benefits of diet like Mediterranean diet, atkins diet, paleo diet, weight watcher, jenny craig,  dukan diet, etc. I see a common trait of these so call sustainable diet. Everyone tries to design a way of eating that you can still eat your favorite food. At the same time, they prohibit you to eat other type of foods. Most common is eat vegetable,lean meat and healthy fat and reduce carbohydrates to the minimum. They also try to make it simple so dieter will be willing to try it.

I decide to go with a back to basic way of dieting -calories counting. I liked the idea of cooking/preparing my own food. I pay attention to calories intake offset by calories from exercising using the most popular fitness app call fitnesspal. I was very impressed with my result. I lost 10 pounds using the app in 2 months. And continue to lose an extra 5 pounds on my own. My weight is easily sustaining. When I’m bad one day, just make sure I’m good again tomorrow. It’s as simple as that. What this journey taught me is how to maintain a healthy body. I can forsee I will never again be haunted by being overweight again.

What’s your diet choice that works well for you?


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