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What Fitnesspal taught me about diet…

on September 27, 2014

fitnesspal icon

Fitnesspal based their concept on calorie counting. They’ve made it as easy as I could ever imagine it. I highly recommend to people who wants to lose weight to have a shot with this awesome app. (free of charge to download to smart phone, and assessable on any computer via their website)

I stopped using Fitnesspal after continuously logging my diet for 2 months. The most valuable thing is what I got out from it. I’ve learn so much about myself and what works for me. Here’s my list:

  • reaching my 1200 calories target is easy as long as I incorporate some exercise. That way I can eat more
  • exercise calories is not accurate on fitnesspal. But who cares, at least I got myself moving
  • cakes and cookies are shocking crazy high in calories. If I really want cake, bake it in mini muffin tin. One is already 100 calories
  • new way of thinking about food. Ex. Should I eat 1 cup of rice or 1/2 cup pasta? Or do I want a piece of chicken breast instead. They can be all the same calorie count
  • typical meat like steak, chicken wings, pork is high in calories. I can eat more bean and legume with the same calories, I replaced a lot of meat intake with proteins like tofu and beans in order to fill my plate full instead of super small portion
  • I fill my plate every meal with lots of vegetable. They are low in calories but yet filling
  • plan ahead of time. Write down what each meal I will have for the next day to prevent eating out
  • drinks are calorific. Alcoholic drink, sweeten drink are not worth the calories
  • when eating out, order appetizer size or take half home
  • be creative to find 100 calories snacks and 300 calories meal. There are lots of choices out there
  • It is okay to treat yourself with an ice cream sandwich. They are only 120 calories each. Craving can be solved by eating some portion of what your crave
  • drink lots of liquid during the day. My favorite is lemon and mint in my sport water bottle
  • chips are bad and hard to stop. What about air pop popcorn. (of course no butter)
  • If I see my calorie count for the day is climbing quick, it’s time to get my exercise gear on to sweat some out. The day is not over yet.
  • salad is my weight saver. Trust me, it’s hard to over eat a bunch of lettuce. Your body will signal you enough!
  • ignore other people’s comment: “Is that all your eating?” They are not aware I am eating more often than them. Just in smaller meals
  • always have variety of fruit available. They are quick and easy way to deal with sweet craving problem
  • yam noodles are awesome way to substitute normal noodles. My favorite is XO sauce stir fry vegetable with yam noodles
  • add spice and herbs to any vegetable or bean dish: curry, hot sauce, garlic/onion, salsa
  • egg is a lean protein source: so versatile (hard boil, soft boil, over easy, sunny side, poached, scrambled)
  • shakes are good to bring to work as a snack
  • Absolutely no adding sugar to tea and coffee. That way I don’t have to count them in my food journal
  • for each snack, have a fruit or vegetable with a healthy fat (nut/yogurt, etc). Ex. 1 peach with 14 almonds. Ex. 1 pear with laughing cow cheese wedge with 2 rice crackers
  • eat whenever you feel hungry. Don’t wait too long
  • say no to free food. They are usually high in calories
  • Invest in cute containers and cute lunch tote that will encourage me to take them out with my packed snack/meal
  • eating fat is important, otherwise I’ll feel depressed. If I feel depress, fix it by eat some healthy fat.
  • When I used up all your calories but still crave for food, drink some water and go to sleep

Anyone else tried fitnesspal and have feedback to share?


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