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How I learn crochet: my first achievement

on September 29, 2014


About 2 years ago, I wanted to take up crochet, producing my one of a kind item. I decided to look up a project on youtube. Thanks to Claire from user bobwilson123 that introduced me to a whole world of crochet fun. My first owl hat was not perfect, but ended up in my friend’s closet after she begged me for it for a long time. I also made one for my sister and my mother as they all think it’s so cool looking. Based on the same concept, I made a penguin and a frog version as Christmas present. I’m so proud of myself to take on something new.

Funny thing is I don’t even own an owl hat for myself. I was onto other crochet project shortly after to expand my horizon.


3 responses to “How I learn crochet: my first achievement

  1. Fina Lau says:

    It’s cute 😀 I want to make animal hat too, but I’m still stuck at trying to finish a bunny doll.


    • theskycastle says:

      Bunny doll is much harder than this animal hat. You must be a pro at crochet. : )


      • Fina Lau says:

        Naw, I’m just a beginner. I chose the bunny because it has youtube instruction, so I thought if I get confused in the middle, I can play the video. I’ve only finished the head and the body, and the head turned out to be a lot bigger than the body LOL. And I broke my acrylic crochet hook too ;P


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