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It was my washer and dryer shrinking my clothes…

on September 29, 2014


Have we all been there blaming on our washer and dryer instead of ourself?

When I was in high school, I hated my body size and weight. I wasn’t overly big but wasn’t fit either. My image of fit was as simple as having a flat tummy. I was determined during university and reached my goal of wearing xtra small or small suze clothes. I rewarded myself by buying a new wardrobe. It was weird to see everything I tried on looks good. Finally, it was me picking clothes and not clothes picking me.

Over the course of 10 years, I gained all these pounds back. I was back to where I started. It creeped up on me gradually. 3 months ago, I had the courage to once again do something about my weight. I could no longer blame my clothes are shrinking horizontally and vertically due to the washer and dryer. (I’m so embarrassed to admit believing it for a couple of months.) I’m now 85% there. My yoga pants looked so good on me that I receieved nice comment from my boyfriend everytime I wear it. It’s one good feeling hard to put in words.

For those who is currently in my shoes 3 month ago know that you can do it too. T shirts are most noticeable.  Know you can do it if you are determined.


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