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Totoro wedding gift

on October 6, 2014


I made a grey totoro and his little friend for my brother’s wedding coming up. He is a fan of totoro and has got lots of home accessories already this totoro addition will be perfect for his home

I used felt as the material. I under estimate the effort required to cut little bits and pieces. The most time consuming task is hand sew all the details. I wish it us easiler. The white little guy was way more simple.


5 responses to “Totoro wedding gift

  1. isabella says:

    You have some wonderful ideas here on your blog!


    • theskycastle says:

      Thank you. I’m now your follower. I look forward to your posts. Your food post look so good. : )
      I’m new to blogging. Hope to learn lots from you.


      • dosirakbento says:

        Hope you will enjoy reading about my lunches..
        Sorry this week won’t be very exciting as I’m not feeling well so haven’t really been making new bento for myself this week..but there are some nice examples in previous posts if you’re interested, just have a brows around my blog 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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