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Alternative to carving pumpkin: mandarin orange

on October 30, 2014


I have a thing about not wasting food. Carving pumpkin and place for a couple of days guarantee creating more garbage. (Or, who will want to eat it?) Last night, I saw a post from a fellow blogger that has a perfect solution. Why not try drawing faces to mandarin oranges. After halloween, you can still eat the meat of the fruit.


6 responses to “Alternative to carving pumpkin: mandarin orange

  1. My mother knew how to take the rind of the jack o’ lantern and make pumpkin pie with it from scratch. She started by boiling it.


    • theskycastle says:

      I wish kids (and their parents) these day appreciate food and not just do things that’s convenient for themselves.


      • A potato doesn’t come with cooking instructions but a box of dried potato flakes does. However the potato flakes have sodium, preservatives, a lot of the nutritional value removed and for extra flavor some added pesticide, herbicide and chemical fertilizer residues.


  2. They look great! Glad you liked my idea 🙂


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