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Chinese style ginger green onion stir fry dungeness crab

on November 13, 2014


My first attempt to cook crab. It turned out really well. Although the kitchen ended up a bit messy. But smells like what you would get from a Chinese restaurant.

1. Clean and separate crab into desirable pieces while raw.
2. Dip all exposed meat area with corn starch and swallow fry until shell turns  red color.

Stir fry
1. Use handful of ginger, stem part of green onion, garlic to stir fry in oil until fragrant. (More ginger will help balance the dish)
2. Put crab into wok, add cooking wine, oyster sauce, chicken stock, sugar, little bit of salt and cover with lid.
3. Cooked for 4-5 minute.
Optional: if sauce is not thick enough add in cornstarch water mixture to thicken.
4. Add in green part of green onion in and shut off stove. Stir to mix well.


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