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Back on the DIET track: watch inspiring Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2

on January 10, 2015

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2

After all the Christmas stress of entertaining family and friends, and also being sick for a while, I feel it’s time to step on the scale. Although I didn’t gain much weight (to my surprise), I feel weak and wanted to be re-energize like how I used to feel. What I find to set off a good start is to watch some documentaries on healthy diet. As most successful dieter will tell you, you’ve got to prepare your mind. I was very glad I watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2. I love the fact he doesn’t tell you to become a vegetarian, instead, he shows you the good effect from eating more fruits and vegetable and how to get back to the road to good health.

I, myself, doesn’t like juicing. I love vegetable’s texture the way they are. I rather do a smoothie with fruit and whey protein and steam the vegetable on its own. There’s nothing wrong with that. I enjoy cooking, and I have the time to enjoy the food. Why juice? The documentary never tell you juicing is the only way; they tell you juicing works for many people, especially ones without much time on their hand.

I feel like I’m ready to go back to how life used to be. Eat healthier and reserve some time for blogging. 😛


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