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Juicing: Organic juicing box from Spud.ca

on January 16, 2015


Further to my post about watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, I’ve decided to give juicing a try. I’m not ready to do the fast as suggested by the movie, but I’m okay with juicing as a meal replacement.

I have an existing Vitamix and instead of buying a juicer, I decided to go with whole food juicing. This method is not better or worst than traditional juicing. But for what I would like to achieve, it will work just fine. I love having the fiber in the juice to make me fell full and I love the fast cleaning of my Vitamix, which is 2 pros on whole foo juicing.

I did try carrot, asian pear, lettuce, ginger, pineapple, apple and lemon into a juice, which happens to be what’s in my fridge. Not Bad, I thought! I am not a regular purchaser of organic produce, but I really dislike wax, pesticide, etc on the surface of the fruit/vegetable. I decided to spend a little bit more and buy an organic juicing box from Spud.ca. For $50CAD, I’ll be getting: 6 Gala apples, 1.5lb beets, 2lb carrots, 1 stalk celery, 1 rainbow chard, 3 cucumbers, 2 kale, 0.5lb limes, 3 oranges, 1 parsley.

Updates of my juicing experience to follow upon receiving my delivery of my first ever organic shopping tomorrow.

~ to be continued ~


One response to “Juicing: Organic juicing box from Spud.ca

  1. Congrats to you! I’m happy for you!


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