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Healthy lunch/snack to bring to school?

on May 27, 2015

As busy parents,  what is fast and easy snacks to put in your child’s lunch bags?

Common suspects for already thoughtful parents:
Granola bar
Fruit to go
100 calories packet chips, cookies, crackers
Rice crispy square
Snack size chocolate or candy bar
2 bite brownie, cake/muffin

“We give it to our kids because they like it.” I understand parent’s concern their kids might toss what they don’t like into garbage cans. Time is also a factor. If we, as parents, can put more time and effort to create something visually attractive, maybe this is the cure to children nutrition concerns.

Try Japanese bento box idea. Who wouldn’t brag about their lunch box to other kids in school if they look cute, colorful and attractive. Maybe this way they don’t need a snack anymore. Sweetness of carrot and tomato might be enough. Maybe cut up fruit into a cute container is all you have time for. This is already 100 times better than the usual snacks other parents give. Just because your parents used to give you a granola bar as a snack at lunch doesn’t mean you have to do the same for your kids.


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