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Homemade gummy

on June 7, 2015


Fun to make with little ones. Can be mold to any shape silicon mold.

1/4 cup corn syrup
1/2 cup cold water
2 packages of plain gelatin
1 package of flavored jello (used raspberry)
Oil to grease mold

1. Measure water in measureing cup. Add in corn syrup. Stir until clear. Pour into a pot. Add gelatin and jello powder and srir slowly. Melt in low medium heat until it liquidify.

2. Pour into measuring cup (with spout). If foam or lump appears, pour in a tall glass and cool until top foam layer can be removed by spooning it out

3. Spray thin layer of oil to silicon mold. Pour gummy mixture into mold and refridgate to become firmer


One response to “Homemade gummy

  1. evey97 says:

    This is so nice! :))


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